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Web Development

As one of the best web development services in Ethiopia, whether you're starting out or you've had an online presence for years, we can help you.

Mobile Development

Our software development services provide you with native Android & iPhone application to make sure you can reach your mobile users in a convenient way.

Systems Development

If you want a custom built system, fit for your needs, we have one of the best systems development services in Ethiopia. We will provide you with a secure and efficient system.

Search Engine Optimization

What is the point of a great website, if people can't find it? we have affordable search engine optimization services to make sure you are seen.

About Us

Please don’t mistake our age for inexperience, technology is about innovation, it’s about creativity, it’s about finding new ways to look at things, it’s about being able to say i am different, i am better, there is no one like me and that’s OK. well that’s WebDona, a bunch of people from different backgrounds coming together to share their experiences, their dreams, to enforce their will of making the world a better, cooler place.

But enough about us. let’s talk about you. whether you own a small business or a mega corporation, you need a software development company that makes life easier and takes care of the complicated part so you can focus on doing what you do best. Here at WebDona we provide secure, efficient and fast software solutions for whatever you may need.

WebDona consists of a small number of team members but we are a fast growing startup, our team is growing quickly to support the rapidly growing base of customers we have to support. As a privately owned founder-led company, we’re able to work fast and respond to our customers need without anything getting in our way.

WebDona provides various ranges of services including but not limited to, website design and development, mobile application development, systems development and search engine optimization services